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Investments made Tuesday

March 02


Bought WDLF at $0.025

-22% t

o -10%

Market Makers want to keep it under .03 cents, I continue buying. 150k more shares at .024/.025 cents. Total of 500k shares with an average of .028 cents. Keep them coming, please.


Bought WDLF at $0.029

While the SEC shuts down OTC zombie stocks, pick a winner. WDLF = Business Incubator. No debt. No R/S. Possible share buy backs. 3 licensee IPO's in 2021, the first of which is Uplist to OTCQB soon. Killer management with constant shareholder podcasts.

Own 350k shares at an average price of .029 cents and keep adding. Goal is at least a half million share position.

👍 1


Bought ENZC at $0.499

-25% t

o -4%

Buy the dip!

5k more shares the last two days. Holding 17k shares with an average of .61 cents. More to come.


Bought ENZC at $0.634

Groundbreaking work in the HIV / COVID arena. Many patents. See PR's for specifics. Will attract big pharma.

12k shares at an average of .634 cents and continuing towards a full position of 20k shares.


Bought RKT $36 C Mar 05 at $3.15


Bought $RKT 05MAR21 36.00c; last strike available. lol.


$ASRT two upcoming catalysts

Bought ASRT at $1.095


Hi all,

I want to bring two potential catalysts under your attention.

First of all, $ASRT is presenting and participating in the virtual roth conference:

This gathering of institutional investors, private equity investors, VCs, c


The bullish zoom in into the Wandi RSSV mine.

Bought RSSV at $0.089



# Phoenix Rising Companies

Presently Resort Savers INC, or RSSV on OTCQB.



First of all, if you are unfamiliar with RSSV please check the full DD that I put together last week. This will be a specific deep dive into the upcomi